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As one of the leading freight forwarders in the across the globe, you can always rely on Couriershipmentexpress first class shipping services at very competitive rates to ensure the fastest connection of your shipments by Air/Sea from across the world to Africa and beyond. Couriershipmentexpress main goal is to provide you with excellent services while making sure that your time and money are well preserved. By virtue of our exclusive agreements and commitments with leading carriers in both Air and Sea, we enjoy special rates on all of our shipments and confirmed space in every booking which we will pass to you to guarantee a speedy and hassle-free delivery.



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I ship every week with Couriershipmentexpress and I can’t ask for more. They are very efficient and professional.
I do take orders from my customers with confidence, knowing that I have a very reliable shipping company.

Bushra Ahsani

I was always very concerned on who to hand over my valuable goods for onward delivery to Nigeria,
some Nigerian shippers were recommended but I still researched on Google to discover couriershipmentexpress.
I visited their office in Linden NJ and was very impressed on their organization. I dropped all my goods to them and by the time I got back to Nigeria in about 4 days, I have already received a text message that my goods were ready for pick up. Everything was professionally packaged and intact. I’ve never stopped using Couriershipmentexpress since my first encounter with them in 2011.

Benjamin O

If you are looking for a USA to all country shipping company, you can never get it wrong with Couriershipmentexpress.
They are simply the best. All I do is just place orders from Nigeria and have them deliver to Couriershipmentexpress warehouse in New Jersey.
Couriershipmentexpress has really helped my business to grow because of the consistent shipping schedule and delivery.

Grace P

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